From small, privately owned publication houses, Service
Bureaus, and In-House Prepress departments, to 
high end advertising agency studios, my experience spans decades.


During that time I've learned to always be prepared

because the unexpected always comes as a surprise.


Currently employed with the best company I've ever

worked for, it is my intention to never be caught

unprepared; to never be lulled into complacency,

as if my job is secure at all times.

In preparation for the unexpected, presented

here are a few samples of my work.

The work I did was, and is, always done as a

team member. As such, what is shown I did create,

but other hands also touched many of the projects.

From Account Managers, Authors and Art Directors,

to Photographers and Printers, all these samples shown

are collaborative effortsBut, they demonstrate my skill

level accurately, and honestly.

From the old mechanical art boards, with typeset galleys, wax,

T-squares, amber overlays and Xacto knives, to the latest in

Adobe Creative Suite software, my dues have been paid in full.


But I'm never too good to learn something new, something different.